A sister who studies the necessity of undetermined play and a sister whose business is attention to detail. A paramour who constantly dreams but sleeps only on rare occasions. A friend who is a writer of unfinished stories and an acquaintance who prides in soft hand-shakes. An old man who doesn’t give up on dancing or colors, and a gentleman who doesn’t own more than he can carry. These are the people for whom I design garments.

Simultaneously as I am making a garment for a yet unfamiliar person, I engage in conversation that reveals personal habits and gestures defining the final design of the garment.

Where do you come from?
What do you carry in your pockets?
How do you dance?

Diversity, being peculiar or even chaotic, spontaneous and playful, but nevertheless critical is what I aim to compliment. Modular wardrobes where layers overlap and blend through their opacities. Face being confused with lining or loose edges are the aesthetics that I work with. I am interested in making garments for people of all genders, ages, and shapes, each of whom has their own unique way of moving. Each of my designs can be made to measure because every garment is made to order, so please allow up to four weeks for production. I seek out the most durable, weird but interesting, future-proof raw materials preferably from dead stock. I follow an independent release schedule, not bound by the standard aw/ss cycle. Therefore please consider subscribing to the newsletter to get informed about new releases.


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For inquiries, write an email to info@boriskollar.com

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For visits, my atelier is open by appointment at:
Rodenrijsstraat 136, 1062JA Amsterdam, The Netherlands